Zhangbei Dayangzhuang Wind Farm Project

We are proud to announce our current climate compensation project collaboration. This time we have selected to direct the proceeds of your carbon footprint compensation investments in a wind farm project in Zhangbei Dayangzhuang, China.

The CECIC Zhangbei Dayangzhuang Wind Farm Project is located in Zhangbei County, P.R. China and consists of the implementation and operation of 66 wind turbines each with a unit capacity of 750 kW. The emission reductions of the project activity are estimated to be approximately 103,796 tonnes of CO2e per year by avoiding CO2 emissions from electricity generation by fossil fuels power plants. The project has contributed to the growth of the wind power industry in China; created local employment opportunities during the assembly and installation of wind turbines and for the operation of the wind farm; and reduced other pollutants resulting from the power generation industry, compared to a business-as-usual approach, such as SOx and soot.

The main impacts of the project on local social and economic development as well as on local environment include:

• contribution to the sustainability of power generation in North China

• creation of local employment opportunities during the construction and operation periods;

• increase local tax revenues through the profits generated from the electricity sold to the Grid;

• reduction of a possible power shortage

• promotion and development of sustainable renewable energy.

• Reduction of air pollution and global emissions of greenhouse gases

This impactful project is just one example of how your carbon footprint compensation can make a difference not only on the environment but on entire communities and their future lifestyles.

To read more about this project please visit: https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/DB/BVQI1211950998.53/view?cp=1


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